My birthday tarot reading

Ok this was one I didn’t expect.  I usually do a reading for myself around my birthday (Jan. 16th).  Ususally it’s the same old, same old, work harder, make more money, worry about family kind of stuff.  But this time it was totally unexpected in the possible outcome/final outcome and related cards. 

I should have brought my book with the entire readind (celtic cross) but this is what I remember off the top of my head.

5th card (possible future) One of Cups – new relationship (down not girlfriends this doesn’t necessarily mean a new male love interest, but then again…)

6th card (10 of wands) – lots of work to make this payoff

10th (final outcome) reverse hermit – someone (guess who) is not going to like this at all and will do everything in *her* power to sabotage this.

9th card (I can’t remember what it was) but I saw it as it being again not worth the effort/conflict, but there was going to be turmoil over this.

 I’ll try to remember to bring in the book and supply the full layout tomorrow, but this was very unexpected.


One response to “My birthday tarot reading

  1. I gift myself a reading on my b-day as well. 🙂

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