New Plying Head :)

I’ve been spinning up some lovely soft cormo and had about 2 bobbins full so I decided to try my new Lendrum Plying Head.  Initially I has some problems with the brake sticking and it was getting very frustrating, so I put it away and pulled it out again last night.  I rubbed some wax on the brake side of the bobbin and that resolved the sticking. YAY!

I plied off 434 yards, wound it off on the niddlenoddy and set the twist.  It’s now hanging to dry and I think this is the most balanced skein I’ve done todate.  I think I’m going to get about 12 wpi when it finally drys.  I’m so thrilled this is my first actually decent skein that I’ve spun.  Now I just need to figure out what to knit with it.  Suggestions?

Close up of the Cormo



Balanced Cormo



sorry for the fuzzy photo, but you can see how balanced it looks 🙂


One response to “New Plying Head :)

  1. For a 400-yard skein – I’m working a pattern in handspun right now, and I have just over 400 yards of it. I’m making the Wavy scarf from It was in the Winter 04 issue. If you go to the main Knitty page and select archives, it gives you a categorized list of all the patterns. You can find the Wavy scarf under “Scarves and … ” (I forget the other part). Beautiful yarn!

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