I don’t like Mondays

Especially nasty snowy ones where the weathermen predict 4-6 inches and you end up with 8-10.

Sunday was fun. The SnB-NH group got together at Borders.  I brought my spinning wheel and got quite a bit of cormo spun.  I hope to get another good sized hank out of this – may 600-800 yds would be nice and I could actually make something.

I got one heel done on my socks so I’m in the home stretch there too, I just wish we could have had a snow day, so I could have worked from home knit all day.

Next Sunday I’ve signed myself up for an Intermediate Spinning Workshop – I cannot wait! I really want to get to the point where I can actually think about spinning some laceweight yarn.  I would just love to knit a shawl with handspun yarn.



One response to “I don’t like Mondays

  1. Lynne-
    I’d love to extend the invitation for you to join us at thejavaroom on Route 110 in Chelmsford. We meet every Wednesday from 5:30ish-9:00. I just came across your blog in the Boston Knit Olympics entry and had to speak up… I’m Grace’s chorus teacher. She and I are always talking knitting before class… now I know where she gets that enthusiasm!
    -Jena (a.k.a. Miss Paolilli)

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