I spent a lot of this weekend spinning.  I still cannot believe how much more there is still left from the 2 lbs. of Cormo I have left.  I really love spinning this. It’s sooooo soft.

On Sunday I took an Intermediate Spinning Workshop at The Fiber Loft in Harvard, MA.  It was nice to meet some of the other NETA people, Eric, Cheryl and Sherrie, who I had met once before at the Afghan party.

Why is it that every teacher thinks they have to undo everything you’ve already been taught… sigh.  But I did learn some really neat ideas for plying.  She taught everyone how to Navajo Ply (ho-hum – did that) but what I didn’t realize that with Navahjo Plying you can retain your color separation in the varigated fleece/yarn.  NICE!

She also showed us this ‘trick’ or ‘treat’ if you will of doing 2 ply and then to ply ‘around’ roving. What a really cool effect.  I can’t wait to try it.

Everyone had brought some pretty colored rovings and there I was with my Finn and Cormos. 🙂  So after class I had to check out Reva’s stash and then I HAD to buy some of Lorna’s Laces Fiber for my stash.  Colorway Vera I think.  There are 10 oz. so I should be able to get a shawl or scarf out of that- or maybe I’ll get enough fingering weight to do the Shadow knitting jacket.

Decisions, decisions, decisions…..


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