How many is too many knitting meetings?

Since I’ve just entered the world of SnB and other knitting meetups, I’m beginning to think there are at least as many of these in any area as there are AA meetings. Hmmmmmm now that is an interesting thought. 

Last night I went over to the meeting at the Java Room in Chelmsford and met a lovely group of women, who are very funny and very talented.  From them I also found out about some additional knitting and spinning groups in the area.  I figure with some good planning and keeping a selection of my stash in the car, I may only have to go home occasionally and possibly never cook or do housework again.  I could just knit and spin out of my car and only go home to toss some food to the cats, fight with the teenager and sleep.  I know there must be a drawback, but right now I can’t think of one.

Besides right now I’m in project completion avoidance mode.  The socks I should have finished ages ago are stuffed in a bag because one of the yarn balls is horribly tangled and I haven’t the patience right now to deal with it.  The sweater I am knitting for myself from some beautiful Blue Face Leicester I bought at a WEBS sale, is also on hold because I finally faced the fact that I don’t have enough Blue Face Leicester to finish the sweater and I haven’t decided whether to just frog what I’ve done so far, buy more Blue Face Leicester and hope that because it’s natural and undyed that it will match, or just let is sit for a bit and stew about it. 

But here’s the rub, there are several events in the very near future.  The first is coming up this weekend – the BIG Annual Superbowl sale at Ewe’ll Love It.  This is a major budget buster for me ususally, how can a girl resist 35-40% off of everything!

Then there is the upcoming NETA SPA weekend with friendly VENDORS of all kinds of cool stuff, what’s a girl to do?  I think they frown upon you if you buy yarn instead of paying your bills. 

Then there is the upcoming Knitting Olympics…. what was I thinking – knitting hats for SHIPS? Sure it’s a worthwhile cause, but I keep seeing all these really cool projects other people are signing up to do, and well to be honest I have project envy.  I’ll admit it.  I’d rather be knitting some yummy cashmerino, or alpaca than 100% wool of unknown origin.

I suppose I could sell my teenager to the gypsies, but I fear it would the “Randsom of Red Chief” – but then again, I could make some money taking her back to cover my fiber habit.

I could cash in my retirement fund, puny as it is, it would still buy me lots of yarn right now.

Or I could get off my butt and actually get the stuff together and do my tax return so I can get my refund going, but that might take time away from my knitting meetups and I don’t know if I’m that strong yet.

 I guess it’s time to burn some candles and trinka five a lot. 


Added later in the day…

 Ok it’s not just an obsession, I think ‘it’s’ following me!

From today’s local paper


Sitting and knitting
By Julie Moberly/ Correspondent
Thursday, February 2, 2006

It’s called one of Harvard’s best-kept secrets, but word is getting around: the Nashoba Valley Knitter’s Guild is the town’s hot ticket. Gathered in the basement of the Harvard Public Library on the first Wednesday evening of the month, the lively group can be found listening to knitting experts, organizing charity drives, or sharing their current projects with other members – all with the kind of enthusiasm usually reserved for winning lottery tickets.


4 responses to “How many is too many knitting meetings?

  1. Do the taxes. A little time invested will yield a BIG return in fibers. (Ask me know I know!)
    I have yet to get to Webs. I’m car-free in the city, but Ih ear it’s a great experience.

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    • How could any of this be better stated? It couldn’t.

  2. Galera sabe cobrar, mas ag.drecer.a. São poucos xDQuanto ao Omega: Parceria, nem tudo depende da Heaven e como visamos qualidade, só lançamos depois de vários processos, até ficar "Bem Feito" \\o/Obrigado por Zexal e Vanguard *-*

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