Taxes and Death…

I really really really hate doing my taxes.  It’s not that they are hard to do – same old deductions, it’s just getting all the crap together to do them.  Thanks Dave for making me do the ‘right thing’.  Gypsies are hard to find when you need them anyway.  So I got all my tax stuff and just did it! DONE! Yay! I think this is the earliest I’ve every had them totally completed and submitted (electronically) of course.

Speaking of financial stuff – I finally did check the Boston Globe site to look up my account and sure enough my credit card was compromised.  So I called AMEX immediately and had the account  closed and they will issue a new card expeditiously.  What a pain – I really wanted to use that card this weekend too!  But it’s probably just as well and it forces me to take cash to the Yarn Sale.  I better get it before SPA though!

Then of course I called the Globe to cancel my subscription – they tried to bribe me to stay with a 50% discount but to be honest I read it online most of the time so I didn’t bite.  According to the AMEX guy – everyone he’s spoken to regarding this debacle is canceling their subscriptions too.  Well it is pretty unforgivable to compromise 200,000 peoples credit by publishing their information and distributing it to all of Worchester. 

Oh well that’s just more money I can put towards wool, and besides I can’t knit and read at the same time.  Hell, I can’t chew gum and knit at the same time either.

So TGIF – the taxes are done, the credit is saved, it’s Friday AND payday, there are knitting meetups to look forward to, and of course the yarn sale who could ask for a better weekend?  Well I suppose it could snow (starting Sunday night) and give us a snow day on Monday so I could play stay-at-home-independently-wealthy knitter and spinner.

I guess I’ll just have to ‘work’ on that.

Oh! Darling Sister, is having a fun fundraiser at her gallery to celebrate woman. Kewl, and they are going to do a special night just for women, by women and she’s asked me to read Tarot cards.  I don’t usually do this for strangers, so this should be interesting.  I was thinking of charging $10 for 15 minutes to donate to the cause, whatever the cause is (I think Breast Cancer Awareness).  I better do some practice runs as I’m a bit rusty.  We shall see.

See you at the yarn sale, I’ll be the one diving into the Manos del Uruguay, Cashmerino, Cherry Tree Hill Suri Alpaca, and sock yarns.  I must remember to pace myself!




One response to “Taxes and Death…

  1. Yay, good for you for getting those taxes done. I got my State return yesterday. I now have YARN $$$ in my pocket right now! So cool.
    Good thing you were able to resolve that Globe issue. Idiots, plain and simple. Good thing to cancel the account. Newsprint is a bitch to get out of wool.

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