Am I the coolest Mom in the world or just insane?

For days my darling daughter has been campaigning bugging me to do this.  So last night I left work early, drove her into Arlington and stood in the freezing cold for over two and a half hours.  We were about 5th in line.  Fortunately another one of her friends and her mom were there to share the pain experience and even more importantly there was a Starbucks around the corner so we could huddle around cups of hot coffee.

DD has been a Dresden Dolls fan for years, so how could I say no?

Finally they opened the doors to the Regent Theater letting only a few in at a time, then we went down and were placed in various seats in the theater.  I was put in the second row (which turned out to be the front row in the video) sitting next to Mary (the U of Maine student who had also stood and froze with us in line). Grace was immediately told that “she was exactly what they were looking for” so she was seated just behind me.

They then spent another 45 minutes to an hour setting up the shot that scanned the audience in the theater while we the audience sang our Ah-h-h-h’s to the tape of the new song “Sing” and stopping clearly focused on Grace front and center

After two takes we were outta there and home by 10:25pm

Oh and BTW, the video for “Sing” will be out sometime in April.



2 responses to “Am I the coolest Mom in the world or just insane?

  1. I choose C: BOTH!

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