Michelle Kwan of the Knitting Olympics

Well not really, I’m not dropping out.  I just haven’t been able to find my needles to start the freakin’ hats. 😦  It’s a conspiracy l’m sure.

But not to be left completely out in the cold, and needing to knit something.  I’m working on Faina’s Scarf.  I’m into the forth repeat of the middle section and soon to be coming down the stretch. 

I haven’t totally given up on finding the hat knitting needles either.

So other than that, the weekend went like this.

Starting Friday night I got home late, after pickup up my daughter from music lessons and transporting her to a teen social event.  As I’m checking my home voice mails there is one from the local library. (I’m under the assumption that daughter returned all the outstanding books, CDs, and DVDs AND paid her fines a month ago) saying that they were going to send a warrant officer to my house to collect the money owed for items NOT returned.

Upon questioning my daughter upon her return it is finally revealed that she had recieve a letter from the library weeks ago saying she owed $166 + for the above mentioned items.  When asked what her plan was to to deal with this, it was something hazy about paying it off before I found out about it, when in fact – she is still paying off other debts with her measely allowance and whatever she does get she spends like it’s burning a hole in her pocket.  So I asked how the plan was working for her so far?  Not so good I guess.

So after searching (and tearing up most of the livingroom) looking for the 6 CDs and one book, only 4 CDs were recovered, unfortunately one had no case or cover material so it apparently doesn’t count.  So off to the library we go.  Now I have to say as a parent, I’m a bit miffed that the library has issued this irresponsible child a card without my expressed permission in the first place, since as the parent I am ultimately responsible for all debts incurred by previously mentioned irresponsible child.  I first ask that her library borrowing privledges first be revoked until she is in a position of being at least responsible for her own debts.  Maybe by then we can reinstate debtor prisons?

Having returned ‘some’ of the outstanding items and a promise to purchase the others,  I pay off the $45 in late fees and head off to the local Strawberries, where of course NONE of the missing CDs are found in the used section.  So $60 later, we drop off the newly acquired CDs to the library before closing with the promise of continuing the search for the missing book.

Then it snowed….  and I mean really snowed…  all day for a total of 18 inches.

Need I say more.


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