Spa 2006 Trip Report

The drive up Friday was kind of scary – you know it’s blustery when the 18-wheeler in front of you starts swaying.  But we finally made it up there around 9:00pm.  As I walked in to check-in at the front desk, I saw spinners and knitters all around the lobby.  Between that and the warm chocolate chip cookies the person at the desk handed me after checking in I knew I was in a very special place.  (I will also mention that the Doubletree/Hilton beds were the most comfortable hotel beds I have ever slept in, so I will always look for a Doubletree Inn from now on!)

Darling Daughter (DD) and I managed to grab one of the big luggage racks and got everything up to the room in one trip.  You cannot begin to believe just how cold it was in Portland, Maine this weekend, not to mention all the stuff I had brought.  As one person put it – Hannibal crossed the alps with less stuff and he had elephants!

Once we got up to our room and settled in, we decided to just get into our jammies, jump into our beds and watch movies/tv.  This way we’ll be all nice and rested before joining the throngs of “fiber freaks” in the morning.

In the AM Grace did get up and came down to join me for the breakfast buffet, then after visiting the front desk to get a wireless converter for her, she went back to the room and plugged in, letting me enjoy the other “fiber freaks” in peace.  Some where between breakfast and heading off she pointed out that ‘my friend’ the Yarn Harlot was here.  Well technically we aren’t REALLY friends, but she is a kindred spirit.  And how exciting that our non-group NETA was cool enough for the Yarn Harlot to attend?  More on that later…

I found a lovely spot in the Gallery room to set-up my wheel.  But couldn’t sit down to spin quite yet, there were vendors to see!   Hmmm 9:30, just enough time to do a quick spin around the vendor room before my welcome table duty from 10 – noon.

I barely got past the first table – who am I kidding.  Pam from the Fiber Studio – had brought up this gorgeous cashmere in a very yummy colorway – it has olive greens, dusky purples, really nice.  (I found out later that my sister had tipped her off to bring it, just because I was coming)  So ok, I may have a cashmere problem.  I also bought a small Schacht hand spindle for my daughter who had just called to look for me.  Then I was off do my duty at the welcome table, leaving my daughter with $20 to buy herself some lovely fiber from Linda at Grafton Fibers.  Then she came out to join us at the table.  June (also working the table with me) taught DD how to spindle and she took to it right away.  I guess this means I’ll have to start locking up my fiber stash. 😦

After our duty was done, we grabbed a sandwich for lunch and oh I forgot to mention that DD had been bitchn’ at me the whole time that the wireless converter wasn’t working because it needed a ‘code’, and for some reason she was powerless to walk to the front desk and ASK SOMEONE!  But by now I’m in front of my wheel and the frenzy is picking up so I figured if she wanted it to work bad enough she could drag her ass over to the front desk and open her mouth and make English sounding words come out well enough.  So I ignored her…   She finally left and went to the desk and got her issue resolved, but only after making my life painful for what seemed like an eternity. 

NOTE TO SELF! Remind the friend who called me Friday night just as I’m crossing the Pascataway Bridge into Maine, saying “gee if I wanted to I could leave DD at her house for the weekend if it wasn’t too late…” that she’s on for next year, because I am coming to this shindig again but I’m NOT bringing kid! 

After she finally went back to the room, wireless thing in hand, I just had to go back to the vendor area and shop until I was calmed down.  I found another skein of cashmere (hand spun this time) it’s light as a feather.  I also got another bat the kid had begged for from Indigo Moon Farm.  I love their Merino, alpaca, silk blends,  I just wasn’t crazy about the Rainbow Bright colors, but it’s what DD wanted for socks.  I also bought a really nice spindle for me too.  I’m determined to learn how to do this so I can do some compact spinning anywhere.  Finally after blowing some money I’m finally calmed back down.  Ah the powers of shopping.

Back to spinning on my wheel where I’m reaching nirvana, finding my bliss, spinning and chatting with new friends about spinning and knitting.  I’m still working on that last of the merino, btw.  It just goes on and on and on, and I’m still not done! Only 2 more ounces to go!  Meanwhile more and more people are coming and soon the room is packed with spinners and knitters of every description.  I met some really nice ladies from the MetroWest SnB – hi girls! loved your shawls!

I think I got about 1.5 hours, before DD was back WITH the PC working and just HAD to sit next to me, and PLAY GOTHIC MUSIC just loud enough to be annoying.  I ignored her.

I watched over the shoulder of someone while Claudia gave a little ‘thing’ on free-form knitting – I LOVE HER STUFF and it’s even nicer in real life.  The photos just do not do it justice.

Next thing I know it’s 6:00pm and time for the fashion show!  What an amazingly group of talented people!  I cannot describe many of the items and do them any justice.  But there was some really nice stuff.

Then surprise! The Yarn Harlot was introduced and she spoke for about 15-20 minutes.  She is quite the hoot and we thoroughly enjoyed her.  But she did this ‘thing’ about knitting dropping your cool quotient as well as you IQ level considerable, so just how cool in this NETA I guess begs to be asked?

For me it was really cool and I wish I had come earlier and of course, dropped DD off at the first rest stop.

Sunday came way to fast, but I had one last chance to blow some dough so I got some beautiful Llama Down from West Mountain Farm in this lovely light silvery grey.  It feels just like cashmere.  OK I’m officially a cashmere-ho.  But it there anything else this soft?

We finally check out and left right at noon.  MAN WAS IT COLD! But we did get the car packet and we were home by 2pm.  The cats were a bit miffed that they hadn’t had any TLC or canned food for almost 48 hours.  But they quickly got over it. 

This annual fiber get away is now a must and it permanently being added to my calendar, and next year… SANS kid!



3 responses to “Spa 2006 Trip Report

  1. Well, you could’ve ASKED! I’m sorry that I didn’t think of it sooner. VERY sorry 🙂

  2. That sounds like such a great weekend. It must have been heaven to hang out will fellow fiberfreaks, to spin, knit AND SHOP. And warm cookies? Crap, my weekend just didn’t compare.
    Thank you for that report, it’s the best one I’ve read.

  3. You’ll just have to come and hang with us next year!

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