Alternate Olympic challenge is fini!

And as soon as my daughter finds the digital camera, I will post pictures.  Faina’s scarf was a bit daunting when I first looked at the lace pattern with 422 rows (not including the repeats) but once I got the rhythm it worked up fairly quickly.  I really like working with Frog Tree Alpaca, it’s reasonably priced (especially when you get it 35% off!) and it comes in very pretty colors (in this case a deep plum).

I also finished spinning the rest of the Merino 64, it’s been skeined and is now drying in the shower setting the twist so to speak.  I got another 500+ yards which technically should be enough to do the Yoga Wrap (pattern #16) in the most recent Vogue Knitting Mag.

So while I was watching the Olympics last night (woman’s bobsledding and figure skating) the Llama Down that I got at Spa was calling me.  So I decided to take it for a little ‘spin’ to see how it would do.  OHMYGAWD this stuff is nice and I only have 6 oz.  It spins beautifully and into a very fine single.  I think I need much more of this stuff.  On second thought I probably should be telling you it’s horrible, full of guard hairs, not soft at all and keep it all for myself.  This is almost as soft as cashmere and we’ve already established my problem love of this luxury fiber.

I also wanted to ball up the first skein of my handspun merino and cast on the wrap but it was so hard to stop spinning this Llama down.  I had to make myself stop.

I got the ball wound and managed to cast-on and knit a few rows (I don’t need no stinkin’ swatch) and this is going to be just beautiful! By now it’s way past my bedtime, even the Olympics are done for the day.  So it was off to bed, tomorrow is another day.


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