CRS syndrome

You know CRS, as in, Can’t Remember Shit.  Sometimes I just am amazed at my stupidity.

I started knitting this with my merino handspun and it’s going to be spectacular.  Of course the pattern calls for some other yarn (20 skeins @ approx. 73 yds per skein)  Who buys this stuff!?  Anyway 73 X 20 = 1460, DUH! I only have 900 yards of handspun merino – why did I think it was only 840 yds?  I don’t know, anyway I was at a cross roads last night – do I frog and do something else with my handspun (but I REALLY like this pattern).  Do I do this pattern is something else (purchased yarn)?  But it’s really looking spectacular in my handspun, even though I kind of wish it was in a different color; which is also why am was/am considering dying the entire garment after it’s done.  And it’s probably a good thing I didn’t just dye the skeins I had because it would be impossible to reproduce it later.

So what’s a girl to do? Decisions, decisions….

Oh hell, I just ordered another bunch o’ merino 64 and it’s back to the spinning wheel.



One response to “CRS syndrome

  1. I like the way you think. 😉
    I’ll vouch for the fact that the handspun is perfect, though. 🙂

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