180 (plus) hits and 4 more years…

My friend JubJub is determined to buy these boots and give them to Darling Daughter for Easter.

He’d better not or he’ll be getting his a** kicked by the very same boots if he does.

I’ve been getting a lot of therapeutic knitting done these past few days, only because I can’t stand the sight of DD so I’ve been going out a lot (knitting groups, movies) or hiding in my room where I knit in bed.

I went to see Brokeback Mountain.  I’m not sure if it’s because I was in such a shitty mood to start with, but it just didn’t move me.  Sure it was a sad love story, but man there was a lot (and I mean A LOT!) of posing (Voguing) going on in that movie, so much so that I had to bite my cheeks to keep from laughing out loud.  My friends were both sobbing at the end… I guess it was just my mood.

Then last night I was watching the documentary (the extra disk) that came with the Rent DVD and I was sobbing all the way through it.  When John Larson’s sister accepted the Tony award I was a complete mess.

While watching that I ran out of yarn finished my toe-up socks so the cuffs aren’t as long as I would like but they are functional (and toasty warm).

I’m now working on a cabled scarf in that yummy cashmere I bought at SPA it’s Jade Sapphire Chinese Cashmere DK in Anya’s Garden colorway.

anyas garden.jpg

This is really yummy yarn to knit.  The pattern is from Scarves – a Knitter’s Dozen the Cables in Cashmere.  This will give me a chance to learn how to do cables without a cable needle and without dropping stitches 🙂

I also managed to spin about 2/3’s of a bobbin of the merino 64 – only 1 and 1/3 bobbin to go and THEN I’ll have enough yarn for the Vogue Yoga Wrap.

yoga wrap2.jpg

Now although I’ve already knit 30% a huge swatch, and I’ve figured out how I am going to adjust this a bit longer in the back.  I need to frog what I’ve done (no biggie I’m a process not a product person) and once it’s all re-skeined and the spinning finished I think I want to dye the yarn because I’m not crazy about the big swatch in the natural ecru color.

This is pretty in brown, but brown really isn’t my color, and I’m tired of black right now.  So I need some imput here, maybe a nice olivey green?  I think purple or blue might detract from the texture too much.  What do you think?

I’m also waiting for some shawl patterns I’ve ordered.  I know I still have a Charlotte’s Shawl half done, but to be honest, this was my first big lace project and I chose this because I was afraid of lace and wanted to start out slowly, but this is just too damn boring and it seems a waste to use the lovely Jaggerspun
Zephyr Wool Silk (Ladyslipper pink) on something so boring to knit.  I also have the Cherry Tree Hill Merino Lace in the Java colorway.

Oh and then there is the sock yarn and I need to start another pair of socks…. 

I’m starting to feel overwhelmed, but you do realize I have another FOUR years until DD is 18 and that seems so far away and many hours of knitting from now.


One response to “180 (plus) hits and 4 more years…

  1. *I* wasn’t sobbing, though I certainly did have tears in my eyes. It was a beautiful, sad movie. That and…Jake Gyllenhal is HOT!

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