Be nice to me I gave blood today.

As if I don’t give enough right?  DD is off to a school thing tonight.  REPRIEVE for a few hours!

I think I must go to Border’s to knit… I am currently plugging away on the Yoga Wrap.  I also need to look for a baby blanket to whip up as I received a shower invite for a dear friend who is having her first baby (a boy).  Where are all these boys coming from?!  I have this adorable jacket to knit for a girl, won’t someone please have a girl!?

I’m also going to try to get over to Chez Target tonight.  I saw one of those roaster thingies for cheap and it would be perfect for dyeing. So I must go and get one.  Because you will never know when the urge to dye will sneak up on you.

It’s absolutely gorgeous today. It is 68F I kid you not, and the best part… it’s going to be warmer tomorrow!

I plan on throwing open all my windows, I may even hang my sheets outside to dry – ah heavenly.  And while they are drying and if I can get all of my obligatory drugery housework done, I plan on sitting outside on the deck and spinning to my hearts content.

Sunday it’s supposed to rain and I would leave all the drugery housework for then, but I heading off to Dad’s Rod and Gun Club for their annual St. Patrick’s Day feast of corned beef and cabbage.  I don’t think they actually shoot the beef or the cabbage for that matter.  I love to eat corned beef and cabbage, but I do hate the smell of it cooking (especially the cabbage).  So this way I can enjoy the meal, and not have to endure the smell.  Perfect.

Speaking of the Gun Club, I only go there for this and maybe the Lobster/Clambake each summer, and every time I go have to laugh when I look around at the nasty old guys that are there.  These are the guys my dad thought I should “connect” with after my divorce 100 years ago.  Ew!  Guess that didn’t work out. LOL!



One response to “Be nice to me I gave blood today.

  1. I’m with you, no housework or chores until Sunday. Tomorrow is the day to get out and about. Nice to go for a long walk. Have fun!

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