Is it me?!!???

Or am I on the wrong planet?

I have to ask, is everyone else running out to buy canned tuna and powdered milk at the suggestion of the friggin idiots in our government Secretary of Health and Human Services (see here).,

I mean what is wrong with these people?  Don’t they know that the space underneath my bed is already filled with the plastic sheeting and duct tape from the last time they warned us to ‘stock up’.

Why is it that everytime there is a potential crisis or looming issue, they send us out to shop for something else?  Is this also their economic plan?  Hey Joe, nobody’s been buying tuna after the last mercury scare, lets scare ’em into thinking there is a pandemic heading our way and that they will be holed up for a time and just might get a huge craving for a tuna salad sandwich.  WTF?

Sorry I just had to rant.

Obligatory knitting update:

I’m about 2/3’s of the way through the yoga wrap (one more repeat) and I can do the last sleeve hole.  This leaves the left front and the sleeves!

Oh oh, I better get spinning!




One response to “Is it me?!!???

  1. You know, I was just bitching about this on Sunday. Chicken flu (or bird flu, or whatever it is today), mad cow, worms in the pork, mercury in fish, pesticides in the plants. So, when I go to the fridge and bitch that there’s nothing to eat, I really mean it. Pass me a beer, please.

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