Is it Spring yet?

Well if the blizzard on the drive home last night is any indication then one would not know Spring was right around the corner.  But the real indicator is the forsythia in the back yard is starting to bloom and there are a few little green heads of daffodils and crocus starting to appear in the garden.




Even the sun feels warmer.  Now if the winds would just stop gusting down from the frozen tundra it might actually start ‘feeling’ like spring.

Next week darling daughter is heading off to Washington, DC for her 8th grade class trip. She was worried she was still grounded for life wouldn’t be able to go but the thought of 4 days and 3 nights of my personal bliss – how much and where do I sign!  Of course you don’t get all the details until the week before.  Now I know why.  You have to deliver them to the school on a Monday at 5:30 am, YES I SAID AM! Ok I can do that.  I imagine it’s like getting up early to go fishing or something, right?  Maybe I can just convince myself that there is an early bird yarn sale somewhere. Ya right!

The best part though is I get to live in by single blissfulness until Thursday at 9pm.  What will I do with myself? 

Another sign that Spring is coming is all the Sheep and Wool festivals are starting to appear on the calendar.  Darling Daughter hasn’t registered yet that for Mother’s Day – it’s the NH Sheep and Wool Festival for us. The following week is WEBS big fleece and tent sale, then the Spinning Bee in Westford

I can hardly wait.


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