I love San Diego

This is one of my favorite cities and after chatting with a long time (back to high school long) friend of mine who lives there, I decided that I needed to go for a visit, so I checked the fares – $200 round-trip?!!! I am so there. 

I booked a flight for the beginning of May – it should be just lovely AND Cinco De Mayo here I come!  Now for the best part – I am not taking my demon spawn darling daughter with me.  Nope, she gets to stay home with Grandma. I know I’m evil; I know she’s going to squawk, but after forking out more than twice that amount on her school trip to DC next week, there isn’t much she can say. Hee-hee. 

I can’t wait.  Last year this dear friend came out to visit me for Mother’s day, and I turned her into a fiber freak taught her how to knit.  From what she tells me she’s totally addicted moved on from scarves and she insists requested I bring my knitting with me.  LOL – as if I would travel without it.  Heck I have withdrawal symptoms when I’m just going to the grocery store and don’t bring my knitting, seriously. 

So I need to find all the yarn and fiber stores in the area (100 mile radius) so that we can fulfill our fix bond over fiber during my visit. 

I think I can also fit my DT Lendrum into my big suitcase, now wouldn’t THAT surprise her!!  

The Yoga Wrap is on hold temporarily.  I’m waiting for the skein to dry from having the twist set.  I spun another 350+ yards, but still need to finish up another big skein for the sleeves.   Screw it, I just won’t clean my house for awhile…  like until my mother comes to stay with D(s)D.  Maybe she’ll even do it! 

Addendum:  For those of you who have been following the trials, tribulations and adventures of raising my teenage daughter as a single mom, this is my horoscope for the day.

You’ve been trying to get a certain person to cooperate with you — to act as elegantly and respectfully as you know they can. The problem is that they may not be living up to your expectations, much less their own. Your job now is to let go of how you think they should act and allow them to be who they are now, even if they’re not living up to their potential, and even if you know it and they don’t. Not an easy task, but a necessary one, if they’re actually going to grow up.



One response to “I love San Diego

  1. I spit liquid caffeine at the liquid crystal display when I read your horoscope! Devil Spawn was so nice to me when I last visited, you must be delusional, evil woman! 😉

    I am of two minds about having you or Gypsy Soul teach me to knit (correctly). I wanna, and yet I dare not! I *know* what will happen!

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