Running on coffee

I’ve had four hours of sleep and about a half gallon of coffee.  I’m just hoping my head doesn’t hit the desk soon.

Darling Daughter got off on her trip to DC – remember they had to BE at the school at 5:30AM this morning for the busses.  Gawd I hope the other parents were just as bleary as I was and didn’t notice the bed head and jammies under my sweater and coat.  I sure as heck didn’t notice them, besides the SUN wasn’t even up yet so it was still kinda dark.

Anyway is off on a 9 hour bus ride with a bazillion other teenagers and I’m here. SWEEEET!

My Yoga Wrap is coming along – I’ve finished the body and got about 1/4 of a sleeve done and guess what?  I have to spin some more.  I figured I would.  I will probably need to fill 2 more bobbins and ply them.  That should do it.

Did I mention I picked up one of those electric roaster thingies for cheap at Chez Target a week or so ago.  It’s a big one 20 quarts or so.  It’s totally programable and will be awesome for dyeing fiber!

I’ve decided narrowed down the color choices for dying my Yoga Wrap once I’ve completed it.  The colors I’m thinking are an olive green, or an indigo blue or something else maybe a russet brown.

Oh and someone on the NETA list contacted me about getting a new spinning group together so we’re sending out the announcement, since we’ve both been looking and wishing for one local.  All levels are invited, even people who might just be interested is trying spinning should stop bym

A room has bee reserved at the Westford library on Wednesday March 29th
from 7:00-8:00. 

I am actually going to try to get there around 6:30ish and will probably stay until until they throw me out the library closes around 9pm.

So if you are in the area or know of anyone who might be interested send the info on, and bring your wheels, spindles, or charkhas to play with and bring your handspun skeins or projects to show off.

We are going to try to set something up for once a month if this works out.



I forgot to share with you my purchase from this weekends craft show.  I was specifically looking for a shawl pin that was very avante garde and tres funky.  This is what I found and had to have.





Click here to see it up close.  It also came with a matching (and detachable strand of beads so I can wear him as a necklace too)  Isn’t he gorgeous?
















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