White House News Alert

or how to stop my heart.  Darling Daughter and her class are scheduled to be at the Whitehouse today as part of their DC trip, so when I saw the news alert my heart skipped a beat and I was envisioning seeing my daughter is zippy handcuffs while being escorted out of the west wing.  But apparently all is well and she had nothing to do with the suspicious package that someone tossed onto the whitehouse lawn (I suspect it was just a bag o’ poo anyhow).

I’m off to the Java Room in Chelmsford tonight for the SnB Boston MWN knitting gathering.  I plan on bringing my wheel so I can spin the last bit of merino that I need to finish the yoga wrap.  I’m starting to worry that it’s going to look like I’m wearing an afghan, but I will finish it.  I’m hoping the blocking and dyeing help.


One response to “White House News Alert

  1. Hah, I can imagine that your heart skipped a beat or two.
    Spinning is fun, but I’ve found that spinning with friends is more funner. (I love my bad Boston English.)

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