She’s baaaaaaaaack

The buses rolled in around 9:45pm loaded with exhausted and hyper kids.  I think I was the only parent crying, I’ll let you decided why.  I managed to find DD rather quickly and we loaded her stuff in and headed out fast without running over anyone.

She was totally exhausted, running a slight temp and had a croaky voice.  Once we got home I fixed her some tea and listened to the dramas and adventures.  There were some rumors of someone getting caught with beer, but not her.  I think she’s still friends with the girls she roomed with although I’m not sure.  They never did find out who the pee-perpetrator was, which is probably just as well – all 14 year old boys are just nasty. (Which begs the question why would a Barbie Doll teacher want to do the nasty with one – ewwwww.)

I called her in sick this morning (she didn’t stir at all when I got up and showered) so I just left her sleeping.  I would have gone in to check that she was still breathing but you can’t even get into her room.

She brought me back a souvenir (a Jim Morrison poster) specifically the one I had hangin over my bed as a teenager. As in this (see below) Jim Morrison poster.  It still makes my heart go pitter-pat.  It’s that bad boy thing ya know.

Jim Morrison.jpg

Hmmm I’m not quite sure what this says about how she thinks of me…. I guess I’ll have to hang him next to the Johnny Depp Pirates of the Caribbean (light box movie poster that came direct from the Disney vaults – Thanks Jon!)

On the knitting front the hopefully last skein of handspun merino is still drying.  I should be able to knit up the sleeves this weekend.

In the meantime I’ve managed to missplace the cashmere I wanted to knit a hat out of.  Since I need to be knitting something so I started yet another pair of socks in Regia Crazy Colors 6 ply color Passion – purty huh? 

regia yarn1.jpg

This weekend I think I’ll start cleaning out the sun (three season) room.  For some reason it ends up being the dump/mud room in the winter and all the junk collects there along with the recycling.  I hate recycling.  I love the idea of it, but it’s such a messy pain in the butt.  But now that spring is coming and with daylight savings just around the corner, I need to spruce up my favorite spot in the whole world.

Updates on the trip to come I’m sure


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