I used to be Snow White… but I drifted.

Quote from Mae West. 

Well this weekend went flying by.  I did get the sun room pretty well hoed out and lots of stuff organized at least to the point where I can now sit out there with my (fake) fireplace (really space heater) at night.

I love having my back room back.  It's my favorite place to hang out most of the year.  I still need to reorg the closet and the shelves, but I did get a lot done this weekend.

I even managed to spin some more of the lovely cinnamon alpaca and some of the rainbow bright batting that DD insisted on my buying at spa weekend.  It's lovely fiber but the colors are a bit to pastel for my taste.  I even taught DD to spin this weekend, so maybe she'll spin the rest of it so I won't have to.

Speaking of spinning there is a group of local spinners getting together this Wednesday evening at the Westford Library. So if you are local and spin, or just want to check out spinning please come and join us.

On the knitting front – I totally blew off the sleeves to the Yoga Wrap and spent my knitting time working on the socks, so far so good.  Oh, and I found the missplaced cashmere and started the hat about 10 times then put it away and worked on the socks.

Then there was my girlfriends this weekend. 

First some background, I'm a single mom by choice, which effectively means that there has never been a father in my daughters life other than as a sperm donor.  It also means that I have only dated a few times when she was really young, but nothing in years and years and even before I went into this self induced celibate state, I was not what you would call a good judge of men.  It's not like I'm anti-men, I'm just not the marrying/long term relationship kind and once I had my daughter, I decided that it was probably a good idea to put her first and not drag her into my usual bad choices.  This has worked for me for the most part and now I'm just too old and settled in my ways.  

So I have to ask myself, why is that people are always asking ME for relationship advice?  I mean really, I wasn't good at relationships when I had them, and now it's been so long who can even remember.  So I found this quote that I think I'm going to starting quoting to my friends  and family members who are currently going through their midlife crisis' and keep blabbing about it.  This could also be written about women because some of the men I work with – their wives? would have driven me insane in a week.

But anyway this quote is from Anita Miller (a comedian)

"My husband and I celebrated out thirty-eighth wedding anniversary.  You know what I finally realized?  If I had killed the man the first time I thought about it, I'd have been out of jail by now."

Enjoy…  Personally I don't think we are meant to spend eternity locked in a monogamous relationship.  For some it's hard just to be serially monogamous for any period of time. Eternity is such a damn long time.


One response to “I used to be Snow White… but I drifted.

  1. Oh, I hear ya on that one. I have been a serial monogamist AGAIN for too long. 5 years this time, 18 years the time before that, then 3 years, 3 years, etc etc etc. Crap, I need some alone time. Just me and that cat, that’s all I want. And my knitting…

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