I need a vacation…

Boy do I need a vacation.  As you may or may not know, I'm going to visit my friend, Chris and a non-blogger, who I've known since high school, which was a very long time ago.  She and I have stayed in touched and visited each other on and off since then.  Two years ago I took my daughter out to
San Diego where she and her hubby were now living, and then she came here last year for Mother's Day. DD will be staying with Grandma, yes the same Grandma she stayed with the last time I went out of town.Oh that's right this is a new blog.  Grandma is my mother and the last time my daughter stayed with my mom and dad for more than a night, she came home and exclaimed (and I quote!) "I can't believe you lived with those people!"  I laughed out loud and explained to her that yes I had for 17 years and that if I could survive that and come out semi-normal, she could tolerate a long weekend with little or no damage.

I'm still looking for fibery places to go.  So again, shoot me an email with your suggestions.

I forgot to mention that when Chris came out to visit last year the weather was tres horrible – cold and rainy the entire visit, so after a morning at the spa, I took her to my local yarn shop just to pick up some needles and yarn to teach her how to knit.  She had been watching me the night before and decided it was something she needed to do.  She was instantly hooked enamored with the joy of knitting. So I sent her home with a how to knit book, and some lovely yarns.  She’s' only called occasionally for advice, but now she's sick of scarves and want to move on to something more challenging.  Dare I introduce her to socks?!  I think so!  She also mentioned teaching her hubby to knit in passing, so I'm not sure if she's already taught him yet or is expecting me to in May. 

Tonight is the big meeting of the spinners in Westford at the library, I'm afraid I may have over stepped my place and sent out an invite to the entire spinning world via yahoo groups, but hey the more the merrier right?  So far the guestimate of attendance is approximately seven which is a great start for a new group.  I would really like to move the meetings to another day (and definitely longer than an hour!) heck I can barely set up and get my mojo rhythm going in an hour, besides Wednesdays are my Java Room SnB Knitting night and we cannot be cutting into that time.

I still haven't decided what to take in the way of fiber, merino? I'm so sick of spinning pounds of merino but suspect I'll need a bit more to finish the wrap, alpaca?  Lovely stuff but this requires paying attention which is fine when you are alone and not expected to socialize too, Llama down?  Hmmmm maybe, some Lorna's Laces fiber?  Could do that too.  I really don't want to haul it all there along with my wheel, but I may have to if I don't decide soon.

I got my new copy of Spin-Off yesterday and barely got a chance to glance through it.  I'm excited to read about "Spinning the perfect sock yarn" – heck I'd be happy to spin any kind of perfect yarn.  As for knitting, and speaking of the "wrap", I'm doing the sleeves together on a circular needle, and I got a little over a third of them done last night while I was watching Keith Obermann, unfortunately, Mom called at the same time, so I missed Keith and didn't get as much knitting done as I had hoped.  But now with a vacation trip to
San Diego coming up, I at least have motivation to get this done.


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