New Spinning Group

I think we can call this a success for our first meeting.  We had six spinners including myself. 

Christine, brought homemade chocolate chip cookies and brownies and Judy brought cheesecake.  One thing about spinners they sure know good eats.

We had a great time sharing our stories, fondling each others fiber, showing off our projects and of course eating.  It was all over way too quickly, but I did get a good bobbin full of cinnamon alpaca spun.  It's coming out beautifully.

We are going to try to meet at least once a month but with summer coming we'll have to be a bit flexible and hopefully can get something really going by Fall.

Now you are gonna love this one. 

One of my cow-orkers, I'll call him Chas, was recently contacted by the ATF, then the FBI, then Homeland Security.  Apparently his cousin is on their most wanted list for bombing his former cow-orkers who just happen to be FAA employees (thus Homeland Security's involvement) .  Go to – he's the first wanted poster on the home page! 

If you google his name "Robert Burke" for news, he's the top 7 or so hits.  This guy is obviously a nutcase. Apparently there was a family feud a while back and the FBI profile told my friend that he's at the top of his cousin's "to-do" list.

Now, I know none of this is funny, but we here have a very warped sense of humor and I need to ask – how inappropriate would it be to get a laser pointer to play with Chas' head…  hmmm I thought so.


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