Just another manic Monday…

or tell me why I don't like Monday's

Alas, the weekend was lovely, daylight savings has arrived and all is well.

Saturday, I drove DD, my Mom and myself down to the new super Ikea.  I love this place.  I needed a new computer desk and so we came home with this…


Cool huh?  We also came away with lots of other bits and pieces, enough to almost fill my car.  DD got the desk put together nicely – now if she would just pick up the mess she left doing it.

Sunday was lovely, I had a baby shower to go to, then I escaped left the shower early to go to Borders to knit with my knitting buds and to meet some new people, hi everyone!

I cannot believe the sleeves are taking me this long and I just know I'm going to run out and have to spin more merino.  I cannot wait for this to be done.

I'm also on the home stretch of the toe-up basic recipe socks in the self-striping Regia 4-ply.  I really love the self striping stuff I just wish the yarn was softer with no less poly-whatever-it-is in it.  But the colors are nice and they will do.  They are kind of like appetizers or snacks to knitting.  You just cannot knit one pair.

Speaking of sock yarn, I know, I know Knitpicks is having a sale and buckled – what can I say.  I'm just a yarn-ho with no willpower.

Speaking of hos and willpower – did anyone watch Desperate Housewives last night – hilarious!  So will Susan and her ex get back together after they are divorced yet again and before he marries Edie?  Will Bree change one addiction for another?  And will Carlos and Gabrielle get to keep the baby or be charged with kidnapping?  This is so addicting.

I couldn't choose between the Soprano's or Huff's premier – I watched Grey's Anatomy instead.  I think I just realized my justification for buying TIVo. Oh oh.  At least I can catch Huff and Tony during the week on demand. 


One response to “Just another manic Monday…

  1. Love the computer desk. It looks a lot like Stephanie’s office. Just to reply to your comment on her blog, for me a friendship gets to the hand knit stage about the time the friend values me and my skills enough to ask for something hand knit. Would you put your appearance, even if only for a day or so, in the hands of someone you didn’t trust?

    I like your blog. I’ll be back to read more.

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