Spinning Fool

Last night I was a spinning fool and got 1 and 1/3 bobbins of the merino spun – I probably only need about a 1/3 of it to finish up the sleeves, but at this point I want to be sure I have enough to do the last 7 or so inches on the sleeves.  It's probably less because I'm already into the decreasing cap part of the sleeves.

Since I was spinning I didn't get the socks completed. But do I really want to waste valuable knit/social time tonight doing those.  I could do some of the shawl I started a while back (I forgot to mention that – hehehe) or I could whip up this cute little tea cozy that was in one of the many knitting magazines this month.  I have some Mission Falls Merino that I got on sale that would be so nice for this.  Ok ok… I already started it during the 11 o'clock news last night when I should have been in bed already.  So I think I'll be bringing that.

See you at the Java Room tonight!

Oh and I bought yet another spindle, I am bound and determined to get this hand (I will not refer to it as drop) spindling thing figured out.

It was recommended that I get a Bosworth or one of Annie May's on ebay – The Bosworth's are $40+ – Annie May has entire kits (spindle, fiber and how to booklet) all for under $15 AND they are hand decorated.  Guess which one I picked.  Remember I have already bought 3 spindles that I cannot get going properly.  The Bosworth's a beautiful but to be honest I think I have wait unit I actually 'get it' first.

I really want to take the spindle with me when I go to San Diego where the weather is warm and sunny.  Not like here where it's actually been snowing all day.  That's right SNOWING! Tomorrow it's supposed to go back up into the high 50s or low 60s.  This is what I love about living in New England…. don't like the weather, tomorrow is a whole new day.


One response to “Spinning Fool

  1. The Bosworths’ are nice. I have a Golding that I love, and a few cheaper ones as well. I think the better quality are worth the money, the is such a difference in quality. I started on a basic one, and it just didn’t have the feel to it, then I went up and up. When I got the Golding, THAT’S when it finally clicked. Of course, that’s also what led me to getting the spinning wheel, so…..

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