I'm so not a morning person and neither is my darling daughter.  Which is why I try to keep our morning interaction to the barest minimum.  After I grab my coffee I'm usually in the shower when she heads out the door.

So she's gone – off on the bus, I'm finishing cuppa number one and getting one ready for the road; I go to step into my shoes which I ALWAYS leave by the door, since they are the first things that come off when I come in the door, and NO SHOES!

Check the back room, NO SHOES! 

Check the coat closet, NO SHOES!  Not even my second or third pair of backup shoes….

I now remember that after I was in bed last night DD got up and went out to get "something" from the car… OH SHIT, I'm gonna KILL her.

Place emergency call to school to have her call me back immediately.

While I'm waiting for the callback I tentatively go upstairs and glance into her bedroom…

Now her bedroom is dark, really dark, dark paint, dark curtains, no lights on the light switch – it is also knee deep in crap.  I spot one of my backup shoes Crocs on top, but alas it's only one….  I know my clogs are in there somewhere.  But I dare not enter without something on my feet. 

I find her boots… now I just need a flashlight.  There is one in the car glove compartment…

Now I'm ready to dive into the trash pile otherwise known as DD's Black Hole…  Do I dare to dig without gloves?

20 minutes later I manage to find my SHOES!!!

Of course in the meantime I've had to call my boss to tell him I'm running late, because I CANNOT FIND MY SHOES!  He thinks it's hilarious, I don't.

Rather than wait for DD to call back I just head off to work…

Now what would be appropriate for punishment?  And how can I keep her from doing this again.  Note: This is the second time she's done this to me.

Ok now that I have that off my chest… back to knitting.

It was nice to finally meet Lucia, whom I've heard such glowing and lovely things about through my NETA connections.

Abby, from my other knitting group posted some project photos from our Sunday @ Borders meeting and she said I could steal the photo of mine to post here.  So here are the socks I'm doing and the sleeves for the project that won't end Yoga Wrap.  SEE! I really am working on projects and just not making them up.

my projects.jpg


2 responses to “arggggggggggg……

  1. It was great to meet you too, Lynne! At some point I will get those photos up.

    My DD’s feet are not quite big enough yet for her to borrow my shoes, but I just know she’s planning on it.

  2. Heh, the FIRST punishment is to open windows and let in the light. THEN, make her clean her room so you can find YOUR shows next time. (Do you think this has anything to do with the big-soled boots from a while back?)

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