Sometimes I’m not the Mean Old Mom

This just in from Darling Daughter (name changed and spelling corrected)

[16:38] aimname: omg i love you sooo much even more than before
[16:38] aimname: this pedal is amazing

Why because being the wonderful mom that I truely am.  Music 123 was having a sale/free shipping and I knew DD wanted a special effects pedal for her Bass, so I got her one that I thought she would like.  Check it out here.  I guess she likes it.  "Now I can really play Led Zeppelin".  At least my music taste rubbed off on her.  hehehe.

I'm off this weekend dropping DD off with Grandma after her music lesson tonight and then heading off to Dave's in Connecticut for a weekend of no kid, tequila, oh and ya, I'm supposed to be helping Dave get organized.  Ok Nanc you can stop laughing now, I warned him, but he seems to think his house is messier than mine.  We shall see. 

I have the car packed with suitcase, knitting, wheel and of course some homebaked cookies and one of the last jars of my homemade salsa.  This years batch was particularly good so it went fast.  It seems that every year it gets better, Mary and I make more and more and it goes faster and faster.  I think last year we made 30+ pints of salsa.  That's a lot of tomatoes, onions, and peppers!

So I'm off – have a great weekend!


2 responses to “Sometimes I’m not the Mean Old Mom

  1. Salsa? Did you say SALSA??? Uh, hello? LOVING SALSA over here.
    Led Zepplin? I was a Steppenwolf fan. And I’m not even sure why now.

  2. Oh, you are very sweet. Feel free to send me nice pressies too!

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