call me a sucker…


I guess I'm just a sucker for socks and sock yarn… and since I just love what Dave has been doing with his dyeing experiments.  I just had to sign up for Scout's dye-o-rama sock yarn swap.

I know I haven't reported on my weekend yet but not much happened, but here goes anyway.  I got down to no-blog-Dave's about 10:45pm and he had gone to see the movie Vendetta, fortunately he'd left the door open and I let myself in.

I got the car unpacked and set up my wheel and spun a bit 'o the Llama down I had brought with me.

He got home shortly afterwards and so we had to celebrate with a bit of the tequila I had brought with me.  Finally around 3am I crawled off to bed.

Needless to say we got up late.  It was raining and sleeting and just generally nasty out so we hung out in our jammies and drank lots of coffee then switched back to tequila.  I worked on my socks, got his new laptop wireless connection working and we generally did nothing all day long.  In the evening we went out to dinner then off to visit some friends of his.

Once again we were up late drinking tequila and once again I crawled off to bed around 3AM.

Sunday the sun came out and inspite of the tequila I was up reasonably early, so after the shower and getting dressed I slipped off to the Dunkin Donuts right down the street for coffee and fresh bagels.  I managed to get the car all packed up before Dave got up, so I got to sit out in the sun in his backyard with my coffee and my wheel while enjoying the birds and the view.

After Dave got up and we had some breakfast I was off like the proverbial prom dress, because I had to pick up DD and get home to get us both ready for work and school on Monday.  So all in all, we had fun and it was very relaxing.  I did manage to Reiki his knee, so hopefully that will hold him over while it heals.

And now it's Wednesday already.  Where did the week go?  I did ply and skein the rest of the merino – it's currently drying (setting the twist).  I hope I can finish this Yoga Wrap up soon.  I did finish my Regia Passion red/pink/black striped socks and actually got to wear them at Dave's.  I'm now working on black pair of socks (Jawoll) – I decided to add a 20 stitch lace panel from this years, 2006 Stitch a Day Calendar, going up the front of the socks (toe up) and it's looking really nice, but I doubt it will photograph well.  I've decided to do a cabled rib on the cuffs once I get to that part. 

Tonight is knit night at the Java Room in Chelmsford, and I don't think I'll have time to wind up the merino to knit – so I'm just going to take my socks to work on.

Sorry for the rambling – I guess I'm still recovering from the tequila.


2 responses to “call me a sucker…

  1. You know you’re dying to dye! It’s just to cool. We’re gonna be having some fun now, just you wait and see.

  2. Oh, I’m turning green just thinking about tequila–bad experience. Waaaay too much tequila one night. Haven’t touched it in years.

    Hope to see the Jawoll Wednesday! I love that stuff.

    Take care–happy easter and solstice and everything!

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