back shot YW.jpg

Back shot of the Yoga Wrap

 Front view YW1.jpg

Really bad photo of me, but good of the wrap

YarnPicks Socks1.jpg

Socks from


 Darling Daughter – after 30 tries of trying to get a decent photo and having her behave like her typical bratty self… this is a good as it gets


7 responses to “Photos!

  1. The yoga wrap is beautiful! Where’s the pattern from again?

  2. Yes, the wrap is fantastic! It looks so lacy. Very nice!
    Cool to see a photo of the little one. I can see why she liked those boots, they’d go with her outfit.

  3. The wrap is beautiful!!!!! What in the hell is that sticking up from her head? Ugh! I hate those fishnet things 🙂 Dave is right…those boots would’ve put the finish on that outfit.

  4. The pattern for the Yoga Wrap is from Vogue Knitting Winter 2006.

  5. Beautiful Wrap. Excellent Job. You should be very proud of yourself. I like your daughter’s photo……. I think she is probably alot like my daughter and granddaughte. Happy knitting

  6. Karen Lauterwasser

    hi! Read about your Yoga Wrap on the NETA list and had to see it. I just love it! Did you change it in any way or did you just knit it as written (and to gauge?). I am hoping to make one for myself and want to be sure it will be of a comfy size for me. I have read other folks’ comments on the pattern and many of them concluded that the pattern was generous enough as written. Hope that is so!

    Yours is gorgeous!

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