Productive Weekends Make Me Smile

Friday DD was off from school for Good Friday…. every Friday is Good in my book.  Apparently the cable guy had knocked on the door but doing the correct thing because she was home alone she didn't answer.  Of course she also didn't call me to let me know either…  at least not until we were coming home Friday night around 8:30pm, that the cable had been out all day!  So of course we checked and sure enough it was still out.  So I called them and the person at the cable company said our area was having an outage and it should be back on soon.

So we decided to watch the Cronicles of Narnia DVD – great movie! Afterwards I checked the cable and it was still out, so I watched another movie and sent DD to bed.  After the second movie it was still out.  So I called the cable company again, this time a young woman helped me and there was no outage in my area – I was pissed now.  Suddenly the light dawns, and I ask her if my neighbor (other side of the condex) had his cable disconnected today?  Sure enough – the idiot cable guy had disconnected both sides at the pole!  So they promised to send someone out with in 24 hours.  Great… NOT!

Saturday morning (9:00 AM) the cable company calls to let me know that someone will be there between (don't you all love this!) sometime between now (9:00 AM) and 5:00 PM – as if I have nothing to do but sit on my butt and wait for them to fix their mistake!  They also have promised to credit me for the cable loss for 24 hours.

Fortunately the night before I had gone to Home Depot for the lawn stuff.

So rather than just waiting around all day for the cable guy, I had a very productive weekend working outside in the yard. 

I have to tell you I have spent a fortune fighting grubs in my lawn, and every spring the snow melts to reveal once again those nasty bugs have eaten half of my lawn.  So once again I spread the GRUB-X, then I spread some fertilizer, then I re-seed the lawn and ran the sprinkler to set the seed.  Just once I would like a half way decent lawn…

I planted a flat of pansies.  I love pansies.  They remind me of my Auntie Ruth.  She was hoot and the best cook! She been gone for many years now but every spring I think of her and remember her gardens fondly.

It was so beautiful Saturday, that I even scrapped off the gas grill and cooked some burgers – yum.  I still need to get the deck furniture out, maybe I'll save that for DD to do for pentinence since she's home all week on school vacation.

By evening I was pretty beat, but the blocking was done on the Yoga Wrap and all that was left was setting in the sleeves and weaving in a few ends.

It took no time and I was able finish the wrap and actually got to wear it on Sunday to Mom's for dinner.  I even have pictures, but DD has apparently destroyed the connection on the digital camera so I can't upload them.  Did I mention that she destroys everything she touches, especially when she's been explicitely told NOT to TOUCH multiple times.  I also have not been able to find the little doohickie card reader I had for my USB port – I'm assuming it's gone forever since I haven't been able to locate it for over year.

This would also explain WHY I was unable to locate the camera – as she tends to hide things that she's broken, which may also explain the garbage dump in her room….  we can only imagine what's in there.

I'll head off to Radio Shack or Office Max at lunch and check for a new card reader to get these posted.  So watch for updates.


One response to “Productive Weekends Make Me Smile

  1. Check out milky spore for grubs- it’s a bit pricey but you only need to apply it for two years and then it’s all set for 15-20. Our grubs are all gone on year two of the stuff. The problem with Grub ex is that if your neighbors are doing it then the nasty buggies will just come right back in.

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