Spinning Projects

Now that I have the digital camera back we have photos to share!  Here are some of the projects I've been working on while spinning all that merino for the wrap.  Although the merino was a dream to spin, I just needed a break. Not to mention this other fiber was just calling to me and taunting me.


This is the yummy llama down.  This has to be the lushest fiber I have spun to date.  I got this at SPA weekend from West Mountain Farms .  Out of the 4 ounces I was able to spin about 400 yards.  It is just so soft, I cannot wait to get some more of this! 

alpaca singles.jpg

This is the cinnamon alpaca I got off ebay and sent to the guys at Wooly Knob for processessing.  I got back beautiful rolls of roving that is so wonderful to spin.  I have another half a bobbin spun and quite a few more bumps of roving. This will make a lovely shawl I think.  I just love the color.


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