Today is the day DYE-O-RAMA sign up

Ok lets try this again… I finished entry for today, pushed the publish button and off it went it the blackhole of bloggespheres.

Today is the day to sign up for Scout's dye_button.jpg and you better do it soon! 

As I was saying to a new member of our Snb-NH knitting group, Socks are crack for knitters.  You just cannot knit one pair. I even admitted to owning two pairs (yes I know that's FOUR!) Addi Turbo #1 circulars.  So yes that means I can actually be knitting FOUR socks at the same time.  I just love the toe-up and will never do the Kitchener Stitch again if I don't have too.

So since I joined the Dye-O-Rama, this of course means that I need to order some yarn to dye.  Since others, (ESPECIALLY DAVE!) seem to be having such wonderful results with the Knitpicks Dye-It-Yourself sock yarn, I decided to order a *few* skeins.  Well, you know I need to practice, then there is the insurance skein, then there is the what-if-I-want-to-keep this one, and the angel skein (in case someone craps out of the swap), oh and the might-as-well-round-it-up-to-an-even-number… well you get the idea.

Of course I was able to justify this because I just ordered a bunch of Dharma Trading dyes through the Yarncoop.

So of course since I had my credit card out and someone else sent me a link to a Discount Yarn Sale Online Store, and they had Henry's Attic Alpaca Lace in their BARGIN BIN! 

Looks like I'll be planning a dye day in the very near future. 

I just want to thank all the enablers that I've met online recently, and I hope that the links that I've added here today pass that favor on to you.  It's a sickness I know and the meetings on Wednesdays, and Sundays, don't seem to be helping at all.


One response to “Today is the day DYE-O-RAMA sign up

  1. Yes, the addiction…pass the…er..dyepot over here…Hey, don’t bogart that skein, lady. lol

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