Traveling and Yarn Shops

I was researching yarn and fiber shops in the San Diego area (only 10 more days til I'm on my way) and I found this awesome website that I had to share.  Mapped Yarn Shops in the US You just insert the location and it pops up all the known yarn stores in that area.  I think we need a Palm Pilot version.  You can add any shops that might be missing too.

I usually don't plot yarn shops around my vacations, at least I didn't until the past few years.  Imagine my delight last year, when I realized Halcyon was in Bath, Maine!  And we camp every year on Hermit Island which is really close by.  Since then I make it a habit to at least scan the area I'll be to see what's available.

But since I'm visiting one of my dearest friends who I hooked on yarn taught to knit last year when she visited and who is more than ready to move beyond the basic scarf at this point and who I am sure I can persuade without much ado to visit a few of the local treats while I'm visiting.

According to the above map there are approximately 16 yarn shops in the area.  I better start thinking about a bigger suitcase, just in case.

Today is my little sister's birthday.  Today she hit's the big FIVE-O too.  I was 2 1/2 when she was born and although I don't remember much, I do remember not being particularly happy about the whole thing.  I still believe I was meant to be the only child.  Although we still have our occasional sibling bouts, I can honestly say she's a best friend and I'm sure happy that I have a sister….   my brother on the other hand (actually I'm kinda glad to have him too).

I remember her 3rd birthday, it happened to snow that day, and since my birthday is in January, I had her totally convinced that it only snows in January, so it HAD to be my birthday and that all the presents were mine.  She was not happy and neither was my mother if I remember completely.

So Happy Fiftieth Birthday Sis!   I'm glad to have a sister like you.  Oh and yes, I did get her an evil birthday card… something about milestone birthdays and not being able to find one for the year she turned into Mom…

On the Knitting front:

Last night I turned the heel on the black socks – I'm doing them cuff down for a change and I know I said I would never do the kitchener stitch again… I think I have a plan to keep this promise!  Talk someone else into doing it for me!  (Jena don't read this part – ok?)

I'm off to get some birthday cake.


3 responses to “Traveling and Yarn Shops

  1. Oh, you are a bad one! I have an older brother much like that. He would do all sorts of torturous (sp?) things to me. Then, we hit out teens. I bacame the taller one. (He’s 5’4″, and I am a towering 5’7″!) In front of his friends, he tried to shove me in my locker as he would do. I turned and shoved HIM in my locker. Locked it. And walked away. ALL his buddies gave me a high five! It was so cool. So, big sis, just sayin’…

  2. Um… Three needle bind off sound good?

  3. 🙂 But Kitchener stitch is FUN!!! 🙂

    (If you want, I’ll Kitchener them for you. I don’t mind. I actually enjoy it.)

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