It’s that time of year again…

When the Sheep, Wool and Fiber Festivals begin.  And each year I hmmm and haaawww about purchasing raw fleece, but then I always bag out.  Because, well to be honest because of this.  I just know that I just don't want to go there, and it's just so not worth the savings to have to deal with sheep crap thank you very much.

So I guess that answers that question once and for all.  Thank you Purl Jam for clearing that up for us.

So, now I'm only hmming about whether or not to go down to the Connecticut Wool, Sheep and Fiber Festival on Saturday… maybe for a couple of hours anyway.  Anybody else going?

I finished knitting the Embossed Leaves late last night – tonight I will block and take pics to post later.  They are black so It's probably going to be hard to 'see' the pattern.

I cannot believe it but right now…  hold on to yourself…

I have NOTHING on my needles.

This is very scary.


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