Grab the tequila! It’s Cinco de Mayo

Hey any excuse to party right?

I'm almost packed and ready to go… I know everyone seems to be coming east for the Maryland Fiber Fiesta, while I'm heading to San Diego for a few days of no kid and no work and hopefully lots of Tequila.

I'm taking some socks in progress (Marks & Kattens cotton/superwash blend), and some of Helen's Lace in the Java Colorway for the Adamas Shawl I just started.  It's very pretty and not too hard of a pattern so I should be able to deal with it while traveling.

I also packed for my dear friends as a thank-you for letting me come get my head together at your house gift a couple of unique and beautiful hand made porceline coffee mugs, made by Andrea (a friend of my sisters).  Her work is so unique and beautiful.  I just love her stuff.  I know she's doing a few craft shows in the area (DeCordova and Gillford I believe) so if you go to any of these shows, be sure to look her up.

I'm not sure I can honestly say I will miss dearest daughter, she's been an absolute BeeAtch lately.  Maybe it's her way of saying she'll miss me, but I doubt it.

I am taking my camera, so I should have some pictures to post when I get back.

So grab some tortillas, your favorite salsa, get the blender out and whip up some marguaritas and have a happy Cinco de Mayo!


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