Throwing caution to the wind

So the weather outlook isn't so great for this coming Saturday.  Which doesn't bode well for the NH Sheep and Wool Festival.  But it looks like everybody is going anyway, so I have to come up with something that I can bring for the potluck bloggers picnic.  Chips and salsa may have to do.

After the sheepy fest, then it's off to Hadley – actually we are going to a benefit concert for the IMA Rock Camp for Girls in Goshen.  I really don't want to then drive all the way home to Groton (several hours) so I booked us a room in Hadley for the night.

This way we can take our time getting home on Sunday and even stop and Mom's for Mother's Day.

I'm exhausted just thinking about packing all this into a weekend. 

Sunday afternoon, if I'm not completely comatose, I'll do some dyeing samples for the dye-o-rama.  I cannot believe June is coming so soon and here I thought I had all the time in the world to get some dyeing done.  Maybe tomorrow I can do some since I'm "working from home".


3 responses to “Throwing caution to the wind

  1. Well, look for me and just say, “Salsa!”, and I’m there. Between your salsa and my breas, that’s a meal for me. (Do they serve beer? lol)

  2. That should have been bread, D’oh!

  3. I don’t think they have beer 😦 But we could always sneak a few in! LOL!

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