I think I’m growing mold…

It has now been raining forever I think…. at least it's been pouring since I landed last week, and enough already!  I think I need to find out just how big a cubit is.

Let's see where did this weekend go?

I did work from home on Friday, so I was able to do some dyeing for the Dye-O-Rama.  SEE!

 Night Shade.jpg

I call this one Night Shades because it reminds me of the sky in the evening between the sun setting and dark falling, with the Navy Blue, Turquoise and Purple.

Adirondack Autumn.jpg

I called this one Adirondack Autumn.  With the burgandy, gold and green.  It reminds of driving through the mountains on a peak foliage weekend in the Fall.

Both skeins are 100% merino fingerweight and perfect for socks.  I actually used Rit Dyes and mixed my own colors.

I did the swatches on size 3s or 4s I just grabbed something close, so the colors will distribute a bit differently when knitted up on 1s or 2s.

Now I have to decide which one to send to my secret pal.  I love them both.

The other two skeins didn't come out as well (sigh) but that's the way it goes some times.

On Saturday DD and I did brave the torrential rains and headed up the NH for the NHSW festival.  It was very, very wet and damp.  I did look for the bloggers, but it was just too wet and miserable to actually try and find anyone.

I did score some more Llama down to spin, in a lovely chocolately brown.  I also scored some fleece combs from Caroline's booth. 

And I managed to scoop some new Regia Silk in a pretty pink.  This stuff is soooo soft! But after dodging from one barn to another and forging some really big puddles that resembled lakes, and after scarfing down some handcut fries, and a hot coffee, DD was whining so it was time to head on home.

Sunday of course was Mother's Day.  DD said she did get me a card but couldn't find it – it's the thought right?

My sister, her family, DD and I braved the torrential rains and managed to get down to my mom and dad's for a lobster feast. YUM!  It was a nice day inspite of the horrible weather.

Knitting… yes I did take some knitting down with me.  I ripped out for the umpeenth time the shawl I was trying to knit.  This pattern just wasn't working for me.  Then I saw the Icaras in the latest Interweave mag.  It's pretty and fairly mindless which is what I really need right now.  So I cast that on and so far I have about 1/4 of the shawl done.  I love it. 

Tomorrow night is knit night at Java Room in Chelmsford.  Right now I'm planning on attending.

This coming weekend is Webs Big Tent Sale, and yes I plan on attending that as well.

One other event that is coming up this weekend is the Colonial Spinning Bee at the Garrison House in Chelmsford on Sunday from 1pm until 5pm.  This too I plan on attending.

Just another busy week coming up.


4 responses to “I think I’m growing mold…

  1. I LOVE the first one! So gorgeous.

    I have a little gift for you… call it a substitute Mother’s Day gift for DD not getting you one or a thank you for the Indian crochet hook or something. Hopefully I’ll see you tomorrow to give it to you. 🙂

    If not tomorrow, see you at WEBS?

  2. I like both skeins but the second is absolutely gorgeous! You do such beautiful work 🙂

  3. Beautiful dyeing! Love them both, but the Adirondack Autumn I have to say, is my fav! Excellent job!

  4. Love the Night Shades! Great job on the dyeing. And yeah, having seen the Adirondacks frequently in the autumn (I grew up in Central New York), those colors are dead on, too.

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