Weekends are for relaxing…

Then why is it that most of try to cram a weeks vacation into a long weekend?

Friday night I did get to relax after dropping DD off after her music lesson. I went to Laural and Bob's to sit in their hot tub under a canopy of white wisteria blossoms.  It doesn't get much better than that!

Saturday started off kind of gloomy.  My friend wanted to go buy some flowers, and although she had lived in the area for 10+ years, she had never been to Mahoney's! Imagine that!  So off we went on a road trip!

It started to drizzle when we arrived, but we were undeterred and soft gentle sprinkle felt good in the hot humid air.

We eventually filled up our carts and my car!

I came home with a flat of red and white impatiens, a flat of mixed marigolds, and a flat of mixed dianthus, a pot of shasta 'crazy' daisies, a carpet rose (Appleblossom) – gorgeous!, some basil, a couple of cherry tomato plants, a couple of hot pink and white varigated geraniums. a hanging varigated lobelia, a couple of columbine, and yet another hydrangea to kill, although this is an 'Endless Summer' one so I am hoping it takes.  I planted it next to my stand of Iris which appear to be having a bumper year.  All the flags have 3+ buds on each stem!  Just gorgeous this year.  My hydrangea vine is doing well too.  So most of it got planted by Saturday afternoon.

DD and I watched "Memoirs of a Geisha" Sat. night.  We loved this movie, but it was so sad.

Sunday morning, I met up with some knitting buds from the SnB-NH group at Greeley Park in Nashua.  It was lovely to sit in the park with friends and just knit.  I'm still working on the Icarus Shawl – and I'm on Chart 3. DD went with me so ended up doing a bit o' shopping just to shut her up. 

Then I took off Sunday night and left her home.  She called shortly after I had left to say she was going to a friends…. but failed to mention they were going to a carnival.  Kewl! I could stay later and not have to worry about getting home any time soon. We ate and drank and played Scene It.  I had never played Scene It before, but it was loads of fun.  Of course Nancy won LOL!

Monday, we ended up going back up to Nashua to get the dress DD saw yesterday but didn't want to buy.  Overnight she had discovered a reason that she must have the dress.  We then went over to my sister's for a cookout.  I just love grill'in time of year don't you?

I'm exhausted and needed to come back to work to get some rest LOL!


3 responses to “Weekends are for relaxing…

  1. Those carpet roses really are gorgeous, aren’t they? I just wish we had the climate for them. We really have to work at growing anything that isn’t a weed (yet they need no work!). Having said that though… our bamboo is looking fantabulous!

  2. You forgot to mention your YUMMO salad 🙂

  3. Whew…. I’m exhausted after reading about your busy weekend. I think I’ll have to put my feet up and knit!

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