Working from home…

Wednesday was a work from home day (ya right LOL!) This is a new perk to boost morale, and I have to say it's working for me.  I think it was the best day of the week weatherwise – not to hot, not to humid, lots of sun.

I was up at the normal time, DD had missed the bus AGAIN! so I had to shower and get dressed which wasn't in the original plan, well at least it wasn't in the plan that early.  I was hoping to sit in my pjs sipping coffee while I scanned my email.

Once I dropped her off, I got my laptop set up and VPN'd in to the office to check for emails and to update my open cases.  That took all of about 10 minutes.

I fixed myself a big iced coffee, grabbed the knitting, slathered on the sun screen and got my chair situated and perfectly aligned with the sun.  It doesn't get much better than this.  Of course I should have done some sorely needed housework but I really needed to just sit in the sun and knit. 

Knitting news…

I'm really chanking on the Icarus Shawl to the point where my right hand and wrist is starting to complain.  I'm hoping it's just aggravated by the damp rainy weather.  I'm also getting down to the end of the last ball of wool.  I just hope I'm not running out of yarn, it's going to be close.  At last count I think I only have about 10-12 rows left to finish.  Maybe tonight while I'm sitting in the car waiting for you know who to finish her music lessons.  I think I need to finish this then do some spinning for a bit.

I did send off my Dye-O-Rama buddy stuff (and it appears it was signed for according to the tracking info) but I have not received confirmation from my buddy.  I even sent the buddy an email to watch for it over a week ago.  Should I just assume that no response means she hates it 😦  I'm sorry 😦 


 Backyard Iris


 Kristine Prom.jpg

 My GORGEOUS neice off to her first prom.








3 responses to “Working from home…

  1. Beautiful flowers, and you neice is GORGEOUS in that dress. That organza overlay really adds that little extra!

  2. Hi! I met you at The Garrison House. How could anyone not like your gorgeous dyeing! Don’t give it another thought.

  3. That sucks when people don’t respond super duper quickly when they receive a parcel – I stake out the emails when I don’t hear back quickly too – I think that self doubt is really quite normal…but I am sure you will hear from them soon

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