When life gives you lemons…

turn your bathroom into a spa.  At least that's how my friend Nancy put it.

The plumbers just left and the good news is they fixed the drain in the tub, the bad news is I need a new tub.  Apparently the idiot who fixed it last time, used some foam crap to add support to the bottom of the tub and it cause the tub itself to crack.  So, I was bumming about this, then I figure what the heck, I wanted and needed to remodel the bathroom so I guess now is the time, and since I need a new tub, I'm thinking bigger and whirlpool.

Last night at the Java Room was fun.  Lucia, Liz, Julie, Joanne, Nicole, Jena, and I'm forgetting someone else, were all there.  This is such a great group, we laugh, we knit, we laugh, we get loud and try to scare the tinfoil hat people Philosophy group away by discussing "women's issues and products".  This is always fun.

I finished casting off the socks.  And started the Shoalwater Shawl.  I love that you can knit this in anything from laceweight to Dk or Worsted.  I decided to push the envelope and do it in a light bulky of handpainted merino that is sooooooo soft. I also wanted to add some interest so I'm using 2 complimenting colorways – a varigated called violet lettuce and a solid lettuce.  The colorways on the website, but don't begin to do this justice.  I'm doing 2 rows of each and so far I really really love it.  This will be my shawl for camping.  It will be perfect for those chilly nights around the campfire.

I'm waiting for this horrible weather to break so I can get some photos of my Icarus Shawl.  I just can't get a decent photo indoors.

I'm also concerned that this weather is not going to change before our WWKIP outing.  I guess we are going to end up Borders – at least the new cafe is open.  But we can still hope.


4 responses to “When life gives you lemons…

  1. 1. I totally didn’t know you knew Jena, too! One of these days, I’m totally going to steal her from your neck of the woods and transplant her into mine. Call it fair warning. 🙂

    2. I hadn’t ever thought of using the handpainted for the shoalwater. I’ve been fighting the insane urge to do it in some handpainted laceweight (because I’m truly insane. Seriously.), and I think you’ve now convinced me that I need to cast this on with all that bulky stuff I bought on impulse a while back. (Not that I ever buy things on impulse. No, not me. Ahem.)


  2. Icarus looks gorgeous! It’s on my todo list, it’ll make a great summer knit, but first the Fair Isle must get done. As soon as Relay is over I’ll get back to working on it.

  3. Are you still bringing your wheel if we meet at Borders? I am wondering if there will be enough room for the wheels. What do you think?

  4. Definitely think whirlpool spa if you are remodeling a bathroom. Every knitter deserves one! After a long, hard day of knitting, you certainly deserve to soak in a whirlpool!

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