Saturday, I sold dropped my DD into indentured servitude off at my friends so that she could help them out with some chores for which they paid her way too much quite handsomely.  Who knew she could clean bathrooms?  Hmmm, no more excuses hehehe.

Then I headed up Nashua for the KIP gathering and was soon joined by a gaggle of knitters, I cannot remember everyone's name, so rather than leave someone out, I'll just say, you know who you are.  Thanks Jennifer for being the point person on this gathering.

The new cafe at Borders, looks very similar to the 'other' cafe, but coffee is better (Seattle's Best), not to mention they were handing out free cups of coffee 🙂

I unfortnately could not stay too long, but I did get quite a bit done on the Shoalwater Shawl. Which btw, is going to be gorgeous!

I then flew off to pick up DD and head down to Grandma's for dinner and trip to the mall to find shoes (size 11!) for DD's graduation next week.

We not only managed to find shoes for her, but a skirt for me, and we left with Grandma and DD not speaking to each other, and for which both seemed to think it was all my fault.

Sunday, after asking and being assured several times that if I dropped DD off at the Summerfest Battle of the Bands to meet up with friends so I could go off to a party that she did indeed have a firm ride home… can you guess?  She called me in the middle of the party to say she needed a ride home.  I was not happy.

To be honest I was kind of glad to see Monday come so I could head off to work and not have to deal with the hourly drama of teenager-dom. 

Oh and somewhere along the way I cast on the really yummy pink Regia Silk sock yarn.  I decided after much himming and hawing I would do the New England Socks from Nancy Bush's book "Knitting on the Road".  I really love knitting with this yarn and if holds up nicely, I may never use any other sock yarn again.


One response to “Updates…

  1. CRAP! I cannot BELIEVE I missed they were giving away coffee. Ah, well – I suppose I was jumped up on enough caffeine before I got there. And really, who could think straight anyhow, what with the foksinging and the yarn and all? Jeez louize.

    Good to see you!

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