The flight left right on time Friday morning, with one stop in Philly, it was on to Dayton International Airport.

We were a bit late because the inbound flight that we were waiting for in Philadelphia was a bit delayed.

As I got off the plane, I noticed a voice mail from my dearest Muncie friend, who was driving up to meet me for dinner, so I called.  Wouldn’t you know it, they were just coming to the Dayton Airport Exit on the highway, so they swung by to pick me up (no shuttle) and take me to the hotel (Doubletree Inn – Downtown Dayton).  I know this was her witchiness that caused the synchronicity.  There are no coincidences!

We had a lovely dinner and chatted until 11pm, then they had to head home to take care of their dogs.  It was soooooo good to see R and J.

Saturday, I decided to take a walk to a yarn shop that was supposed to be close to the hotel…  alas it was not, and to be honest walking around downtown Dayton, was most depressing as most storefronts were empty.

The other friends that were flying in for the wedding arrived in the early part of the day, so we had some lunch in the hospitality room, the bride and groom had provided and got introduced to members of the family and their friends.

The wedding was held at the Packard Car Museum a couple of blocks from the hotel.  The building was an old car dealership at one time. 

The wedding ceremony was beautiful as was the bride, and it was great to see Cathy and Diane again. 

To get back to the hotel, we got to ride in this!


Yes, that is my Icarus Shawl draped over my arm. 🙂

Congratulations again to Beth and Stan!

I had an early (6:30AM) flight out – which I almost missed by sleeping through both of the alarms I had set.  But a good cabbie got me there fast and I did manage to make my flight, with a stop in DC and then on to Logan Airport, I was home by 11:30AM

I did manage a little knitting (toe-up socks) in during the flights and layovers.  I’ve also started my nephew Jeffrey’s Gansey sweater.  My sister dyed up some Kona Superwash in this gorgeous loden green that is heathery and just beautiful.  Pictures to follow.

Darling Daughter was fine (she stayed with friends of mine while I was in Dayton) – there was one little glitch but she did manage to go to the Nine Inch Nails concert.  Libby sent me a picture of DD and a friend of Libby’s dancing in the rain at the concert.




Somebody looks happy!










2 responses to “O-hi-O

  1. Icarus is on my list to knit! Yours looks fabulous!!!

  2. All the way to Dayton I kept thinking we should have made arrangements to pick Lynne up at the airport … so when we got to the exit, she of course called and we picked her up 🙂

    I touched Icarus too – just awesome.

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