Summertime and the livin’ is easy…

ya right! Gershwin had no clue.

Last night there was a huge gathering of knitters at the Java Room, if this keeps up we may be taking over the facilities completely.

DD is signed up for summer school… unfortunately I just got a call and apparently all the ‘others’ who also got notices that their kid(s) need to attend, decided to blow it off.  So they may have to cancel it.  Great.  Now what do i do with a kid that is too young to get a job and too old for a babysitter/nanny.  There is no way she’s hanging her lazy ass around the house all summer with nothing to do but trash my house.

I finished my Cherry Bomb Tank top from Big Girl Knits.  I found a mistake in the pattern.  When doing the back, after all the decreases and before the straps, you do NOT knit the 42 rows of stockinette.  I did 22 rows and that turned out just perfect.  42 would have been fine if I had a huge dowagers hump or some other defect.  It fits really well so I cannot wait to make another one, so I just went online to Knit Picks and ordered some of their Shine Worsted and of course needed to check out some of their new circular needles. I will post some photos soon.

The fourth was quiet this year.  Groton had their fireworks on Friday – it was the last hurrah of the celebration of Groton’s 350th anniversary.

Saturday was kind of overcast and lazy, we did a few errands and I actually found an outdoor shower!  We have always wanted one and what the heck if the bathroom remodel is going to take several weeks, this could potentially be a backup.  Sunday I spent most of the hot, humid day moving furniture and shampooing the livingroom carpet. Yuck…  the carpet really needed to be cleaned.

Monday was a work day, so we didn’t have any big plans for the 4th.  My sister’s kids march in the big Chelmsford parade, we didn’t go, but Grandma and Grampa did.  About noon I get a frantic call from my sister suggesting we run away from home because the grandparents are on their way over and apparently not speaking to each other.

Great… unfortunately they showed up before we could hide.  Mom went to the back deck, Dad came into the kitchen.  ok….  Dad suddenly finds some ‘extra’ car keys in his pocket.  They aren’t his, they aren’t moms, they aren’t mine, and they aren’t my sisters…  ????? Maybe he accidently picked them up when they all stopped for a smoothie?  Better take them back to the store.  Gone and we only had to spend 15 minutes with them! As DD put it our family could be a hit sitcom on the Fox channel.

Sorry no photos of completed projects or works in progress so I will just have to leave you with a photo of my friend Jonathan.  He sent me this to let me know he’s swamped but still alive.  Isn’t he adorable?  I miss you darlink!



0 responses to “Summertime and the livin’ is easy…

  1. It was definitely a good time last night! And three 14 year old girls in tow? What a setup. 😉

    Good luck with the summer school thing… hopefully they go ahead with it anyway. Maybe DD will end up learning one-on-one!

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