Aye, the pirates be back, argh!

Yeah!  An evening of Johnny Depp!  Who could resist this?  Now this is a pirate that any girl would love to be ravished by. Sigh…


That is right Pirates of the Carribbean Two – Deadman’s Chest is finally here and a gaggle of us are heading off to see it tonight.

Did I mention I love Johnny Depp? 

I’m so glad it’s finally Friday,  it seems like this week took forever to end, even with a day off in the middle of it. 

It’s supposed to be a gorgeous weekend too.

Saturday night, Judy Collins is playing at Boarding House Park in Lowell and of course we are going – or at least I am, I’m not sure DD is coming.

Last night DD was into full mood swing mode.  Most of the time was spent bitchin’ at me that it was all my fault she was so damn miserable. I bit my tongue and went to bed.  Well actually I just went to my room and took my knitting with me.  The cats and I hid there the rest of the night. 

Oh and thank the gods of summer school – it is still on and DD starts on Monday – that should keep her quite busy at least she won’t be home trashing the house and she can spend the afternoons at the library wrecking their PCs.

She will however need a cellphone… unfortuately the one she got in Oct. 2005 is totally trashed.  It does turn on but the screen is fried and the battery won’t stay in.  Not to mention it’s been run over by a car, painted with black sparkly nail polish and suffered other abuses I can only imagine.  I have offered my old phone that is in perfect condition.  I’m sure Sprint will transfer the phone service over, but she doesn’t WANT THAT ONE… too bad, that’s the way it has to be as I am not buying her a new phone.

I actually started to keep a list of all the stuff she’s wrecked and how much it cost, but then I got too depressed about it, so I stopped.  Let’s just say it’s in the thousands…

One more week and I am off to play with my Big 18 buddies.

Two more weeks and I drop DD off at IMA Rock Camp for girls for ten days.

Fiber Projects in Process

I had to rip out the body of the gansey I started for my nephew.  I didn’t like the way the initials came out and the body was too long so I decided to modify by starting over. 

I’m knitting Jerod’s Gansey, found in Knitting Gansey’s by Beth Brown-Reinsel.  I’m using Kona Superwash that my sister hand-dyed.  It’s a gorgeous heathered loden green.


7 responses to “Aye, the pirates be back, argh!

  1. Johnny Depp = Rowrrrrrrrr Enjoy the movie!

  2. Argh! Manly, yes, but *I* like him, too! Avast ye, matey!

  3. Enjoy the movie!!! I can’t wait to see it.

  4. Har har! How was it?? Worth the exhorbitant ticket prices? You know how I am about that.

  5. #

    Have you guys seen the blunder from Pirates of the Caribbean? I posted a picture in my site Captain Jack wearing an Adidas bandana! Here’s the link

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