Perfect Summer Weekend

First the movie review:

Pirates of the Caribbean Deadman’s Chest, gets two thumbs up from me and DD.  We laughed out-loud through out the entire 2 and a half hours.  Yes, some of it was predictable, but’s it a fun family movie.  Light entertainment for all ages, although smaller kids might get a bit scared of the Kracken and Davey Jones’ gang of undead pirates.  The makeup and costumes were spectacular.

And don’t forget to sit through the credits for the ‘special’ scene!

Judy Collin’s concert review:

It was a perfect summer night.  Not too hot, and cool breezes rippled through the trees at Boarding House Park.  We had packed some sandwiches, and nibbles, (and snuck in some cocktails too) – it was just the perfect picnic.  Judy’s voice is still clear, and strong and she can still hit those high notes too.  She did a good mix of some old favorites (Send in the Clowns and Both Sides Now) as well as some new ones, including a beautiful tribute to the heros of 9/11.  It was all over way too quickly.

Sunday it was still lovely out so I went off to Greely Park in Nashua to meet up with a few knitting buddies (hi guys!).  It was just perfect out, I could have laid in the grass with the gentle breeze and nodded off for a nice long nap, but I didn’t.  Nope, instead I was working on the Gansey for Jeffrey and it’s coming along nicely.  I’ve finished the front and back and connected the shoulders, and I’ve actually started on one of the sleeves.  I sure hope it fits him!  It’s been so long since I knit something for a little one. 

The only blemish on the whole weekend was on Saturday afternoon, when I discovered the dishwasher hadn’t completed and there was water that wouldn’t drain.  Shit…. so I took all the dishes out to do them by hand and when I turned on the hot water to fill the dishpan it made that funny noise like there was air in the pipes…  I then look down to see water pouring out from under the sink.  I’m thinking of naming this summer “Plumber Hell” or how I bought my plumber a new boat/addition/spectacular vacation.  Priceless no?

I don’t know about you but the only time I clean out from under the sink is when I move (that was over 13 years ago) or when there is water gushing out of the pipes.  I discovered that I over buy dish-washing detergent (3 full bottles) not to mention that I seem to collect empty spray bottles.  So I get it all out and tossed away about 90% of what was under there.  Then I get in there with a flashlight and wrench, ok so I’m optimistic about thinking this was something that needed tightening. Wrong!

The water is clearly gushing from an area that cannot be tighted, I need a new faucet for the kitchen sink.  I did manage to actually speak to a plumber and arranged for him to come put in a new faucet Monday morning, sometime around 11 am.

I’ll let you guess when they actually showed up and whether or not I ever made it to work on Monday.

But the good thing is that I have this new and improved kitchen faucet now.



2 responses to “Perfect Summer Weekend

  1. Nice faucet!!! Can’t wait to see the new “spa”!

  2. You will love your new faucet!!! We just replaced our kitchen sink and faucet, and also put in a garbage disposal. Welcome to the 21st century. I’m feelin’ all modern.

    Will you be up at the CRACK of dawn to see the plumber?

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