I need a nap

I survived the weekend with the Big 18.

Terri and I started off a bit later than expected and after dropping DD off and Grandma’s we were on our way.

The ride down went quickly, probably because we blabbed all the way.  We made it to Binghamton around 6pm and met up with Terri’s brother Steve at the grocery store. So we picked up a few things and headed off to the wilds, just south of Apalachin in Warren, PA.

John owns 60 acres down below Apalachin, NY.  If you know any old history of the Binghamton area you might know that “the family” as in Mafiosa family is/was very big in Binghamton and surrounding area and there was an infamous meeting at one of the summer homes on the lake that border’s John’s 60 acres back in the late 1950s.  It’s really a very beautiful and secluded spot on top of a mountain.  You can see the lights of Binghamton and Johnson City off on the horizon.

The first night it was just Steve, Terri, John and myself – so we had some dinner and a few cocktails, then finally fell into bed around 1:30AM

I was up early (as was John) apparently the person that was to open his store failed to show so he was also up early and going in to open the store until someone else could get there to back him up.

I sat on a lovely farm house porch – overlooking the chickens, and ducks, drinking my coffee and knitting on socks.  Eventually everyone was up and we all got showered and dressed for the day.

Soon Rick and Brittany showed up – and right behind them Deb and her hubby Mike.  Then the serious drinking and laughing began.

When John got home we fired up the grill for the lamb spiedies, fresh italian bread, tossed salad, fresh corn, and we were happy as could be.  Deb had even made a chocolate cake that was yummy.

The the serious consumption began as well as long dips in the heated pool.

I got to read tarot cards for the ladies – nothing earth shattering to report but “we” the ladies of Hecate, need to take out Terri’s ex-hubby and his new bitch wife.  These people have no grasp on reality and they are nasty and vindictive, and need desperately to be squished.

but all in all it was a beautiful star lit night – you could even see the milky way.  Some of got to watch “The Birds” before we all headed off to bed around 2:30AM.

Sunday morning I gathered some (14) eggs from the chickens and I made a yummy breakfast of  bacon, farm fresh scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, toast and strawberry jam, and some fresh cantelope mixed with big fresh blueberries. 

After Sunday breakfast we picked up as best we could,  we also decided that John needs a girl who cleans for rent free living.

It was a great weekend in Paradise, and besides I did tell Jon that this where I was heading to in the event of any appocalypse – I ‘ll go straight to his house and live the hippy lifestyle.

After picking up and packing up – we all headed off in our various directions home. Terry and I made it back to my house around 7:00PM.  Of course DD is pissed at me because she had to stay and Grandma’s house…. let’s not go there.

Sorry no pics – what happens’ at Big 18 Reunions stays at Big 18 reunions…. although if more of them don’t start showing up to these reunions… we might be the Big 8 or 10 LOL!


One response to “I need a nap

  1. “Ladies of Hecate” … hmmmm would that be anything like tossing lemons and losing “toe screws” …. Always up for a challenge.

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