I’m Free and Doing the Happy Dance

Friday I dropped DD off at camp.  This is her second year of going to IMA East Rock n’ Roll Camp for Girls.  It is such a cool camp – they sleep in late and then they play all night.  Perfect for teenage girls.  It’s also out in the middle of no where Goshen, MA so there is little trouble they can get into.


Darling Daughter from the Summer of 2005 Camp

The cats are I are enjoying our leisure time together.  Well, maybe it’s not so leisure as I have lots of play dates with friends all week.

I did finish, my nephew, Jeffrey’s Gansey and I have to say these sweaters are really fun to knit.  I also finished putting together my friend Chris’ shell that she knit.  Her first real knitting project after endless scarves.  I hope she’ll be pleased.  I have to wait for the humidity to drop considerably before blocking both projects, otherwise they will never dry.  Once I get them blocked I’ll promise to post pics.

I’m also knitting another Cherry Bomb with a few adjustments from the first one I knit.


5 responses to “I’m Free and Doing the Happy Dance

  1. Your DD looks as if she is enjoying herself. I don’t think they had camps like that in my day!!

  2. What? Play dates with your friends? Heresy!

    Enjoy the week.

  3. I can testify to the beautiful sweater!!! The color is just gorgeous! I sure hope Jeffrey likes it 🙂

  4. Aw, look at the rock star! 🙂

    See you tonight at knitting.

  5. wow, that looks like an amazing camp! thanks for the link!

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