Quiet bliss at home – raging maniac at work…

Why can’t life be simple?  Why does one part of your life always have to be in turmoil?  It’s not fair.

Thank the knitting goddess, for keeping me sane.  Tonight it’s the Java Room Knitter’s.  I plan to forget about work and the fact that my two new accounts are blowing up (not my fault).  I plan to knit and laugh, laugh and knit this evening.  I only wish the Java Room had a liquor license…  hmmmm maybe I need to stop at Harrington’s for some nips to put in iced coffees tonight.

I plan on working on my second Cherry Bomb from Big Girl Knits and it’s mostly stockinette so I should be able to drink and knit without too many unfixable problems.

I’m so outta here.


3 responses to “Quiet bliss at home – raging maniac at work…

  1. Have a great time tonight! Thanks for the invite. I will try to make it another Knit Night, and will let you know in advance. Thanks again for your generosity and support.

  2. Have a great time tonight. Remember knit 1, Sip 2 alcholic beverages. Spike that coffee!

  3. yeah, it’d be GREAT if they had drinks there, too. Of course then we’d probably never leave. Ever.

    Nice seeing you!

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