The Week is Flying By

Yes, I did stop at Harrington’s prior to heading over to the Java Room last night. Starbucks Coffee Liqueur, who knew?  I added a nip to my Mocha Blender drink and all I could say was YUMMY!  No, I didn’t share.

Rosanna surprised us with a visit from darling Eleanor.  She is such a beautiful baby.

I worked on the Cherry Bomb Tank I’m doing with Knitpicks Shine Worsted – I hope I have enough of it to finish this tank.

Tonight I think I’ll hang home, do some dishes, since the dishwasher is still leaking 😦 besides I haven’t been home long enough to really dirty too many dishes).  Pay attention to the poor neglected kitties and knit.

This weekend is getting crazy too.  Cousin Jen is coming up on Saturday sometime.  She’s staying over then heading up to some Photography class in Maine on Sunday.  I have to pick up DD on Sunday too.  But I need to know when Jen is arriving on Saturday so I can figure out if I can attend the Lowell Folk Festival during the day and hang out with knitting buds.

If I can’t make it then there is always next weekend during the Quilt Festival the following weekend.  Anyone coming to Lowell for that?  If so, leave me a message and we will try to connect near the Brush Art Gallery.


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