What a week it has been.  Work sucked – the database went down for over 24 hours and we could do nothing.  Today it’s back up so I’m entering 2 days worth of cases into the database… nuff said on that front.

But then there were some good things that happened. 

Last night I met with a new group of spinners (although I have met many of them before).  Now that the nights are cooling off and the promises of autumn are in the air, it’s time to think of spinning again.

If you are interested we are going to be meeting twice a month (the 2nd Tuesday and a 4th Thursday) starting on Tuesday September 12th at the Westford Museum and Historical Society.  You can join the group at Westford Spinners Yahoo Group.

I might actually get some of my stash spun up this fall.  Last night I was spinning that lovely Angora/Merino blend from Honey Buns that I found at the Connecticut Sheep and Wool Festival last spring.  Lovely stuff.

No knitting last night – just a little tinking back – I hate tinking back lace. 😦


I forgot to add the DD story of the week.

Last night Rocky-boy caught a mouse in the basement (good boy!).  He then brought it upstairs and delivered the still alive half dead mouse into her lap.  I don’t think I’ve heard her move that fast in a long time.  It totally freaked her out.  The mouse was then transported via plastic bag to the back yard. 

My friend Jub-jub said she must not really be goth, because a “REAL” goth would have made a necklace out of it. ROFLMAO.

Of course Rocky spent the next hour hunting for the mouse that wasn’t there anymore.


Spirit on the left (the bitchy old lady) and Rocky-boy on the pillow.


2 responses to “TGIF!

  1. oh, my teenager is laughing at that one, too! thanks!

    I’m gonna try and get out to spin once in a while – you so rock. Really. That lace looks impressive, even if you did tink some of it.

  2. Oh, I just had a lovely giggle at Jub-Jub’s comment. 🙂

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