She’s baaaaaaaaack

The two weeks of vacation flew by.  I think I need to find a way to become independently wealthy.

First I want to thank Roxanne for the gorgeous skeins of wool.  They came in a package just as I was leaving the house for two weeks.  I love, Love, LOVE them!

My camera cannot do this justice, so I’m lifting the photo from her website.


The colors are just spectacular.

Camping was great.  We only had one rainy night.  The sun was out when we arrived, but it was pretty cloudy the rest of our stay.

Our site was spectacular!  There was a long driveway though some trees and thick brush, then the site opened up on a hillside to a spectacular view of the ocean.  It was very private and just lovely.  I so enjoyed waking up and falling asleep to the sound of the waves.

There is just nothing like enjoying a cup of coffee overlooking the open sea, nor enjoying a cocktail while watching the sunset over Casco Bay in Maine.  No wonder we keep returning to Hermit Island.

Darling Daughter is now officially in High School! ACK! I cannot believe how time flies.

I also managed to finish organizing the basement, painting the ceiling and walls of my bedroom and getting some other stuff organized.

So unfortunately it’s back to work with a gazillion emails (mostly spam) to wade through.


3 responses to “She’s baaaaaaaaack

  1. Welcome back and I’m glad you like your yarn!! 🙂

  2. It sounds lovely! I’d love to know what the name of the place was (and maybe even what site you had)… Dave and I would love to camp somewhere where we can see the ocean.

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